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We help leaders explore and explain the power of their business, product or idea.

Creativity Concept

A great narrative has the power to win.

“Working with Narrative Builders gave us more than a new website, it gave us a new way of thinking about ourselves.”

We believe narratives matter. A great narrative well-presented can change hearts and minds. They win markets, elections, donations and investment.

Leaders often struggle to explain what they do in language their audience can appreciate.

We help them explore their own thinking and get it organized and clarified. We help them add information, insight and clarity.

The success of our work is usually measured in growth rates, but an early sign it’s working is the renewed pride of the team in their own brand. That’s when we know we’ve done something worthwhile.

We have helped tech companies, NGOs, retail, industrial and commercial companies.

We would be honored to work with you..

Our Skills:

Business and market analysis
Digital Strategy
Website construction
Digital marketing management

Our Passions:

Clear Thinking
New perspectives

Our CEO:

Deb Lavoy spent 20 years wading through the intractable, messy world of engineering-driven technology to make it clear, accessible and important to the people for whom that tech was built.

Her lifetime study of technology, narratives, collaboration and brand strategy lead her to establish a reliable framework for developing and deploying narratives. She has held senior management and marketing roles in companies from startups to global technology powerhouses.

She believe in excellence, curiosity, testing hypotheses, and the enduring value of simple kindness.



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