How strong is your narrative?

Let's find out.

The Narrative Strength Assessment is designed to give you a concrete idea of your narrative strengths and weaknesses and their impact. It is the first step toward building a deliberate and powerful master corporate narrative. Read about out the 5 facets below. Use our handy form to try your hand at assessing your own narrative.

Introducing the Narrative Strength Assessment (TM)

A great narrative is strong in 5 key areas

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Do you have a list of narrative or story elements?

Are they written down somewhere?

Is there general agreement on them?

Do they cover all of the right issues? (we’ll talk more about this later)


How well are you presenting your story?

Does your website tell your story? If not what does?

How easy is it to find and follow?

Are there other supporting assets? Blog? Content?


How long does it take people to get it?

What questions are they left with?


Does it stir hearts and minds?

Is it memorable?

Does it evoke your customers’ desires?

Does it make sense?

Do people want to be part of it?


Can a customer explain it to someone else?

Is it memorable?

Are you encouraging sharing?

Do you make it easy to share?

The Self-Assessment Worksheet

NSA Worksheet 3

There are three ways to use this form.

1. Do a quick review of your website or other assets as a whole on your own. Clarify and solidify your discussions around how to strengthen it.

2.Bring a few people together and ask them to rate your assets according to this worksheet.

3. Contact us for some guidance, a workshop or a full-on effort to improve your website and make your strongest case.

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