A 3 Hour Narrative Workshop

Examine your narrative.

Build your team's skills.

Prices start at $1200.

Part 1: Narrative Strength Assessment

We will walk through the five components of a Narrative Strength Assessment. You’ll review your own narrative strengths and capture the strongest elements of your narrative and the ones that need work. You’ll also have the beginnings of a go-forward plan. You can read a bit more about the Narrative Strength Assessment here.

Part 2: Core Narrative Construction

We will review the core elements of a great narrative. We’ll discuss how to build them, how to document them, how to share them. You will walk away ready to define your Why, Approach, Offer and Proof. We’ll talk about who should be involved and how. Finally, we’ll get into how to refine and refine and refine these elements and how to know when you’ve got it right.

Part 3: Narrative Digital Marketing

We will look at how (and why) to build a multi-channel digital, physical and social marketing program anchored in your narrative.We’ll also spend time looking at how narrative empowers leadership, teams and employees.

You will walk away with a working knowledge of narrative marketing, and how to assess, construct and deploy your narrative to ignite markets and catalyze teams. You’ll also have a card kit that you’ll be able to use to take each of these elements forward in your organization as you see fit.

Custom workshops are available for your organization for as little as $1200.

Contact us for more info and to schedule your workshop.